Fireboy And Watergirl 5 Elements


DRAMA is a complicated platform game with several puzzles to overcome. Think outside the box to complete the game with the most lives saved. Sometimes you have to find hidden objects, other times you have to use your skill, and in some cases, you have to put all your skills to the test. About DRAMA: overview. Launch DRAMA and follow the instructions to get the basics of the game. You will have to run, jump and swing to the end while avoiding death. Every time you die, your body will be left in place and you will lose one of your 1000 lives. The levels contain various obstacles to overcome, and new puzzle elements are added as you progress through the 96 levels. Tips Ask for clues when you're stuck, but use them sparingly, as they cost a life each time. Restarting the level will also cost you a life. Time is controlled. Don't get distracted; use your wits and be smart. Guide Frank to the exit using as little time and lives as possible. Instructions UP or "W" = jump and climb rope or ladder DOWN or "S" = lower rope or ladder RIGHT or "D" = move right LEFT or "A" = move left SPACE = jump rope or ladder


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